What’s the ‘big thing’ that will sell your property?

Regardless of whether it’s a sprawling family home or a one-bedroom studio apartment, every property has its own unique traits that will make it appealing to a prospective buyer.

And when you can highlight these attributes and market them to best effect, that’s when you can target your ideal buyer and ensure a swift sale.

It begs the question, how do you identify the ‘big thing’ that will sell your property and then use it to create competition for the sale of your home?

That ‘big’ sellable thing

It doesn’t matter what type of property it is or where it’s located, every property has something that either differentiates it from its peers or is likely to appeal to the right prospective buyer.

Perhaps it’s that granny flat that’s great for extended families and guests or could provide a source of additional income.

Maybe it’s the fact it’s a diamond in the rough with ample potential for improvement. Perhaps it’s the size of the land where it’s located and the fact it has sub-division potential, or maybe it’s the property’s appeal as the ultimate treechange or seachange retreat.

It could be that it’s the perfect family home, with a resort-style vibe, or is it a great investment unit that’s likely to enjoy a high rental yield?

Any of these attributes and more can help your property stand out from the crowd when it comes time to sell. 

More importantly they allow your agent to define the right type of buyer and proactively market your home to them in the right place, at the right time.

Finding that elusive ‘big thing’

If you’re looking to find that ‘big’ elusive thing that’s likely to appeal to a certain type of buyer, consider why you bought the property in the first place and how you’ve altered then used it since. 

What really works about the home? Who’s likely to live there? And, if it’s your personal property, where do you tend to spend time when you’re there?

Each of these questions helps identify the standout features of the home, along with who it’s likely to suit in terms of potential buyers.

And the reality is, your property might appeal to more than one type of buyer, but when you can hone in on those ‘big’ things that are likely to sell it, you and your agent can put together a targeted marketing campaign to attract the right buyers in the right place.

A marketing campaign to suit

Once you know the ‘big’ sellable elements of your property, your agent will put together a marketing campaign to suit.

This campaign will highlight the features of your property in a bid to ensure it appeals to the right people.

Targeting the ideal buyer

In addition to creating a marketing campaign that showcases your property’s specific attributes, the agent will look to advertise in the place where your ideal buyer is most likely to ‘hang out’.

In some instances this might involve advertising in print newspapers or magazines. In others it could be social media.

But when you know exactly what the property offers, how it’s different to others on the market and who it’s likely to suit, a tailored advertising campaign can help target the ideal buyer and generate interest that translates to attendance at open homes.

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