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Urban & Rural Partners

Level 3, 169 Fullarton Road, Dulwich, SA 5065

Championed for achieving success in the most arid conditions, with decades of local knowledge and 27 years of real estate experience in his back pocket, Nigel Christie established Urban and Rural Partners in 2022. With a mission to unite the two ecosystems, a single vision of ultimate success elevates their amalgamation of urban and rural sales.

Inspired by the diversity of South Australia's native environment from glistening coastline to vibrant wine country, Urban Rural and Partners celebrate an effortless experience for their clientele with ever present availability and tailor-made approach to your unique sale.

Well experienced in the sale of large, rural properties flaunting thriving agricultural and horticultural businesses to family homes in the Adelaide hills, Urban and Rural Partners innovative market strategy to maximise your financial gain.

Why Choose Urban and Rural Partners

  • Passionate about securing a promising future for their clients, Urban and Rural Partners take their role as your sales agent with the responsibility of securing this investment for future reward.
  • Inspired by the fast-paced evolution of technological development, they research and integrate the most rewarding aspects of multiple solutions, bringing competition to your campaign.
  • Well versed in the experience of first time buyers, to end of career farmers seeking to downsize, Nigel and the team employ a unique strategy for you as an individual.
  • Bringing a hunger for growth to every transaction, they remain continually inspired to embrace innovative strategies, achieving the best possible results.
  • Nurtured with support of the Eview Group’s National network, Urban and Rural Partners are excited to elevate your listing with access to world-class tech innovations.
  • Known and trusted for his auctioneer skills across Adelaide’s metropolitan and rural landscape, Nigel Christie remains a trustworthy choice for your sale.

Fun Fact:

Achieving what had been deemed an impossible task, Nigel Christie successfully auctioned the infamous Snowtown Bank on eBay, determining arguably the most challenging and rewarding sale of his career.


When you partner with the team at Urban & Rural Partners you get the best of our track record for success plus access to a national network of agencies to cross-list your property with our qualified and active buyer match.

Urban & Rural Partners is a proud partner of the Agents’Agency – the only national network dedicated to exceptional buyer reach, client care and absolute reliability.

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