April 24, 2019

How Do You ‘Make Your Home Their Dream’ To Maximise Your Profit When Selling?

Australians have a love affair with property.

It’s a subject we all talk about and for most, selling the family home or investment is likely to be one of the biggest financial decisions they make. Selling is a once-off opportunity to maximise your net wealth by getting the best possible result at the time of sale. Attracting buyers to your home is one thing. Maximising the result is quite another. With a little preparation and prior planning, you will be able to create an opportunity which will help you pull at the heartstrings of just the right buyer, get them emotionally attached to your home so that it becomes a ‘must have.’ This is what we call, ‘Making Your Home, Their Dream’ and will help you separate your home from others and make yours more attractive and help you maximise your profit.


De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter! A home will shine when it can ‘breathe’ free from unnecessary clutter. Be ruthless in your approach. Store and remove valuables and hire a skip if necessary for the end of the road items. The Illusion of Space. Removing excessive furniture items allowing for a free-flowing home with appropriately styled furnishings pull at the emotional heartstrings of potential purchasers. Less is always more. Clean and Fresh like a ‘Display Home’. Buyers should feel you have prepared your home especially for them. First impressions count and there is nothing like a clean and sparkling home to have a significant impact in those first few seconds. If it needs repairing, fix it. Everyone is so busy. Potential buyers are prepared to pay for someone else’s sweat and effort. They are also prepared to negotiate down should they feel there are major repairs to attend to. Non-critical and minor repairs and perceived owner neglect may also lower the price or lengthen the time to sell.


  • SIGHT Flowers in the living areas and a fresh fruit bowl in the kitchen.
  • TOUCH Clean surfaces, walls and bench tops.
  • SOUND Soft or classical background music; just like the display homes.
  • SMELL Brewed coffee tea or the aroma of homemade bread.
  • TASTE A freshly baked cake or muffins to take.


Presenting your home at its best is not only about the buyers first impressions and getting them emotionally attached; it’s also about giving you the confidence that you are going to market fully prepared and not leaving anything to chance.


Establishing an accurate price guide to attract the right buyers and creating an environment of competition helps to drive sale prices upwards. Pricing it too high, and you will miss the market. Think like a purchaser; research like a purchaser.


You can’t sell a secret. So, investing in a professional marketing strategy is an insurance policy to ensure you don’t undersell your home. The more people who see your property the better the chance you have of achieving the highest sale price.


One of the best ways to come through the selling process is to seek professional advice. Engage an estate agent who can handle and are trained in professional negotiating on your behalf. You are selling one of your most valuable assets; you simply don’t get a second chance at getting it right.

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If you would like more information regarding the current market conditions and/or an updated market appraisal of your property, be sure to get in contact with your local Eview Group network agency. Wishing you every success on the sale of your home. Manos Findikakis, CEO – Eview Group